Al Rahmie Hospital, Syria

There are some places in the world that you simply can't imagine anyone could live. This is one of them. If you listen closely, you can just hear a women singing at the end of the first clip; a family are living upstairs in one of these buildings. They are not alone.

Al Rahmie is an area that has seen a huge amount of fighting and suffering yet few outside Syria have even heard the name.  

This city and much of the surrounding area was under siege by ISIS for three years, and partial siege from Al Nusra for two years before that.  The people living in these areas suffered deprivation, brutal rule and judgement under the sharia courts of ISIS and injustices such as enforced marriage, sexual slavery, public floggings, executions and punishment by amputation became part of life.


We have established a small hospital providing emergency medical and surgical care to an impoverished population which includes many displaced people.  It treats around 4,000 patients per month.  The needs for medical care there are huge and are exacerbated by the lack of clean water or electricity.  Life is a daily struggle for survival for many.  People are dying from very simple and treatable conditions.

Our medical team need support each month to cover the costs of the salaries of doctors and nurses, medications and supplies needed to run the hospital.  While funds given in any form are greatly appreciated, we would like to encourage you to support with monthly standing orders as this enables us to budget more effectively each month.