We need donations of immaculate items listed beloW

If donating these items, please also make a contribution towards the shipping costs.  

We need:

  • WINTER & MID SEASON CLOTHES, new and used – adult, child & baby
  • COATS & SNOWEAR, new and used – adult, child & baby
  • NEW UNDERWEAR only (no used), with tags or in packaging
  • SHOES (polished) No summer shoes, in immaculate condition
  • BOOTS & WELLY BOOTS, clean, adult/child
  • BLANKETS, sleeping bags, sheets & towels in immaculate condition
  • DUVETS only if like new with no marks or stains
  • WHEELCHAIRS, zimmer frames and crutches (paired)
  • MOSES baskets and baby bedding
  • DISPOSABLE nappies, sanitary towels & incontinence pads
  • CARE PACKS for mothers & babies - Click here for more information

PLEASE WASH clothes and blankets, and clean and polish shoes before donating.  Everything must be in excellent condition: working zips, buttons intact, stain free, no holes.

 23.5 million people in Iraq and Syria are in need of humanitarian help

Please contribute £5 per shopping bag or £10 per bin liner towards the costs of transporting your donations to the Middle East.  It costs around £6,500 to send each lorry to Iraq.  You can donate through our giving page.

Last winter, babies, children and vulnerable adults died in camps in the Middle East because there wasn’t enough aid to keep them warm.  The WHO estimates that 25,000 people are injured every month in the conflict in Syria while 58% hospitals have closed or are functioning at a reduced capacity.  We are also sending medical aid - read more here.

Donate your own personal items here




Our main clothes appeal for the Autumn 2016 has just finished, but we will be starting another very soon.  Please watch this space.

Request an information pack

If you would like to collect aid in your area, you can request an information pack here.


Please consider putting together and collecting CARE PACKS  or helping us fundraise to cover the running costs of the HOSPITAL we have set up in Syria.

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