Often when our teams on the ground distribute aid to displaced people, the women approach our female team members asking for sanitary towels.

It is difficult enough to lose everything, but to have to beg for something as basic as sanitary towels is humiliating for women and girls in this position.

These women and girls have been through tremendous hardships and most face a very bleak future.  We would like to bless them by giving them a bag of items which contains some of the essential items they will need just to maintain a basic sense of dignity.

Each of the items are easy to buy in the supermarket with your weekly shopping and in some of the pound shops.  You can find more information about buying shampoo bars (optional) and the bags below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to collect items or money from other people (friends, church, schools etc.) to fill dignity bags YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER AS A COLLECTOR before you start. It is essential that we have a record of who is collecting aid in our name.

To find out more about what is involved in being a collector, please request an information pack by CLICKING HERE.


This works well as a group project as each bag is a manageable size for one family or small group to fill.  Others may aim to fill a few bags.  

Some churches and groups have bought a few hundred bags and asked people to take away a bag and a list, fill them and return them.   They then check them before sending them back to us.  Others have given people a shopping list and asked them to return each of the items on the list in a carrier bag.  They then fill the bags checking that everything is included before bringing them to us.  You will need to register as a collector.



As we do not want to risk liquid leaking in these beautiful gift bags, we suggest that you buy shampoo bars to put in, but these are optional.  If you put one of these bars in, please could you download this message in Arabic so that the recipient knows how to use it. DOWNLOAD SHAMPOO BAR INSTRUCTIONS - CLICK HERE.

There are a number of online shops that sell shampoo bars. We recommend Friendly Soap as they have been kind enough to donate their soap off cuts to our appeals which we have been sending to Syria. They have a range of beautiful soaps and shampoo bars www.friendlysoap.co.uk Please do mention Samara’s Aid Appeal when ordering.

Please include all of items and packs on the list, then put the ticked list inside the bag for the women or girl receiving the bag.  There should be a tick against each item on the list.



There are many places online that you can buy these drawstring bags, the important thing is that they look attractive.  Please check they are the right size before buying, approximately 34 x 44 cms.  Bulk orders cost just under £1 per bag at www.shugon.com/5890-stafford-backpack 

If you want a smaller number of bags, we have also found them for £1.69 each including delivery at the time of writing this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001OYHWHK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1



  1. Order or buy bags

  2. Order or buy shampoo bars if you are including them

  3. Buy or collect all of the items on the shopping list

  4. Fill the bag, ticking off each item to ensure the bag contents are complete

  5. Stick Arabic instructions to shampoo bar if including

  6. Put the shopping list inside the bag - it is nice if you want to include your photo but this is optional

  7. Donate £2 per dignity bag to cover shipping costs CLICK HERE

  8. If delivering more than 4 bags, it is helpful if you can pack them in a banana box (available from some supermarkets)



We are a small, Brighton-based charity, and we rely on an ever-changing network of volunteers to receive local donations of our aid across the UK. The way you should deliver your dignity bags will depend on where you are located, and how many bags you collect.

·         For more than 20 bags:  Please contact us via this link http://www.samarasaidappeal.org/collectors and ask to register as a collector. Registering as a collector will give you access to our storage hubs (locations vary) where you can deliver on certain dates.  Please do this before you start collecting, as you will need to make sure that you are able to deliver your collection of bags, packed in banana boxes, to one of our hubs on the right dates.

·         For up to 20 bags: If there is a clothes appeal in progress, please check on this page http://www.samarasaidappeal.org/clothes/ if we have a local collector registered in your area. If this is the case, get in touch with them to ask if they are happy for you to deliver your dignity bags to them, and offer to contribute to their transport costs. (If you will be delivering more than 4 bags, it would help if you packed them in banana boxes.) Please note that if you have a larger number of bags, it might be too much for them to accept these, in which case we would ask you to request our information pack before registering as a collector with us and make plans to deliver to one of our storage hubs.  

Or ship your dignity bags using a courier service such as Hermes (https://www.myhermes.co.uk/), for delivery Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5pm only to the following address:

SAMARA’S AID APPEAL, c/o Link to Hope, Links House, Park Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2AN

Please don't deliver items to this address in person unless you have pre-arranged this with Helen, Samara or Tamsin in advance.

A full dignity bag weighs around 1.8 kg; with Hermes you can send parcels up to 15 kg (up to 8 dignity bags). They have a number of drop-off points across the country and will pick up from you for a small additional fee.