Because the people of Syria are faced with continuous injuries from shelling and the ceaseless conflict, there is a desperate need for first aid kits that can be given out to individual families.  My partners need thousands to distribute. 

The World Health Organisation estimates that 25,000 people are being injured every month, and that 58% or Syria's hospitals are closed or functioning at a diminished capacity.

You can order first aid kits online and get them posted directly to us to be sent in the next container.  Please could we ask that you try to get them delivered to us by 20th January 2016 at this address: 161 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1EJ.  We will continue to collect them so please feel free to plan collections after this date too.  If you order any online, please could you forward the order confirmation to so that we know roughly when to expect them.

If you would like to buy in bulk please contact Samara on 07960 937 716 or email as I will be putting in an order and may be able to negotiate a better deal if we buy together, or alternatively you can order in bulk from one of these companies.

These are some of the kits we have found that are the best value for money.  Refills are also great as it is the contents that the people need most: 

£2.39 per 10 person refill

£3.90 per 20 person refill

£4.55 per 10 person kit

£3.36 per one person kit

£6.30 per 20 person kit

£7.86 per kit

£7.95 if buying more than ten - These prices exclude VAT which is added on at the end

£4.95 - £5.95 per kit depending on numbers ordered: - These prices exclude VAT which is added on at the end