Syria has been described as the "worst humanitarian crisis of our time".  Amid the continuing violence and conflict there is a huge need for medical provision.  Reports show that:

  • 58% of hospitals in Syria closed or unable to function effectively
  • Hospitals and medical professionals actively targeted and destroyed/killed
  • Around 200 Hospitals in Syria destroyed

The UNHCR states that 12.8 million people in Syria require health care.  More than 1.2 million have been injured, and the average life expectancy in Syria has fallen by 20 years.

The shortage of specialised medical staff, ambulances, equipment and medical supplies has increased the number of preventable deaths.  One in three children cannot be reached with vaccinations.

Around two thirds of the healthcare profession in Syria have left the country which has further disrupted the provision of healthcare services in Syria.  In 2016, two thirds of the global attacks on healthcare settings took place in Syria. 



We are running and opening emergency hospitals and Meditainers to serve areas where there is no healthcare provision and in areas where the need for emergency medical provision is greatest.



Samara's Aid Appeal's UK team is made of people who give their time freely, and to date we have covered our own expenses as we are keen for every penny raised to go directly to helping the people we are serving through this work.

Our medical teams in Syria are led by an experienced Syrian doctor with an expert knowledge of disaster management, emergency and critical care delivery, as well as establishing and managing hospitals and medical facilities in a wide range of settings.  His time in the, planning, implementation and strategic management and of our projects is donated on a voluntary basis in service to the Syrian people.

Our wider medical teams in Syria are made up of Syrian doctors, nurses, paramedics and support staff.  In some locations they are paid basic subsistence salaries or enough to cover their living expenses as opposed to a market rate salary.  In other locations the facilities are staffed by volunteers.  Each location has a different set up depending on the needs and what is achievable in that specific location.

Working in this way, it is possible for us to provide a greater and more comprehensive medical provision to a larger group of people, for a much lower cost than many charities would be able to.  We are keen to make every penny work as efficiently as possible.



We need to raise £30,000 per month in standing orders to cover the monthly running costs of our medical teams.  Currently we have pledges for around £7,000 per month which is encouraging, but we still have a long way to go.



What we need most to run these hospitals are financial gifts on a monthly basis ie through standing orders/direct debits.  It is a commitment to pay the staff each month, as well as covering the costs of medications, fuel for the ambulances and other essential hospital supplies, so it is most helpful if people can commit each month whether £10 or £100, or even sponsoring a doctor or hospital bed.  Every standing order will make a difference, and you can download and complete one of our forms using the link below to set up a regular gift for this. 

This is our preferred way of giving as every medical facility requires financial support for it's day to day running.

100% of donations for this medical appeal are spent on the running costs of our hospitals and medical facilities in Syria.

For more information please contact Samara on 07960 937 716 or complete this form

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* The names of our hospitals have been changed for the protection and security of our medical teams as well as the hospitals.  Hospitals are actively targeted and destroyed in Syria, and medical professionals are regularly kidnapped, ransomed and killed.  We aim to raise awareness for our projects while keeping them low profile and not disclosing any defining details about them or their locations.