This work is only possible because of a large number of people around the UK volunteering their time and resources to make this happen.  Individuals, churches, schools and businesses have run this appeal in their local areas, sorting, packing and delivering lists of items that we have given them.

Samara is one mum organising these appeals and she doesn't get paid to do it.  Although there is a small team, it relies 100% on community participation from people like you to make it happen.  There are a few storage hubs around the UK where you can deliver your collections on appeal dates.  These change with each appeal.  Individuals wishing to donate their clothes will need to take their donations to one of a number of donation points, or post them to an address that we can give while there is an appeal running.  Please see the APPEALS page for information about when our appeals are running and the items that we need.

Our aid is transported by experts in logistics for humanitarian aid in challenging places.  They work with international shipping companies, local haulage companies and agents who have a detailed local knowledge of the areas they are working in.

Although Samara visits our projects in Syria, vo volunteers are sent from the UK to the Middle East. We work with teams who are local to the areas they are working in which ensures they have a good local knowledge and connections.  This ensures that everything sent arrives as safely and quickly as possible. 

Each of the NGO's we work with abroad are trusted, credible and have a proven track record.  They distribute our aid among displaced people, refugees and people who are in need of humanitarian assistance regardless of faith, political views, gender or ethnicity and everything is given freely with no strings attached.

We receive extensive information back from our local partners which includes detailed reports and pictures of our aid being distributed.  To keep up to date with all of the news, please follow our Facebook page on which pictures, videos and stories are posted regularly.