Because of the constantly changing environment in Syria and the challenges we have had in finding appropriate buildings at a low or no rent, we have started converting the empty shipping containers that we use to send aid into Syria, into "Meditainers".  

We fit these out  and equip them to a high standard so they are fit for purpose and are easy to keep clean and sterile.  The benefit of these is that we own them, and if we need to, we can move them from one place to another.  Each one offers a small ICU, operating room and assessment area.

In 2017 we have converted three of our 40" shipping containers into "Meditainers".  Our plan is to use these as part of a field hospital which will be made up of 24 converted containers in total.  This will be at the site of Jerusalem Hospital and will be used in conjunction with the critical care hospital we are building there.

We are raising support for our medical teams and are keen to ask people to support us with standing orders on a monthly basis as this is the most secure way for us to run our medical projects.  Each month there are overheads to cover for each medical team including supplies and medications for the hospitals, salaries for the doctors and nurses, fuel for the generators and ambulances, water for the hospitals.  

Every penny donated to this medical appeal goes directly to our medical projects in Syria as our UK team are all volunteers and we aim to eliminate the overheads that most charities in the UK would have.

* We don't expose the names of the hospitals, to protect our medical teams and facilities