The Manager of Emmanuel* Hospital in Syria speaks about living and working in Syria

This hospital is in an area that had no hospitals for a population of around 50,000.  There has been a great deal of conflict in the areas surrounding this hospital.  

Access to this area is via a dangerous road prone to frequent attacks from armed groups.  For this reason no emergency services will attend this area after dark and the people living there were unable to access medical care if they had a medical emergency at night. 

We are using our mobile operating room at Emmanuel Hospital at the moment which enables our team to provide surgical care for people.

We are raising support for our medical teams and are keen to ask people to support us with standing orders on a monthly basis as this is the most secure way for us to run our medical projects.  Each month there are overheads to cover for each medical team including supplies and medications for the hospitals, salaries for the doctors and nurses, fuel for the generators and ambulances, water for the hospitals.  

Every penny donated to this medical appeal goes directly to our medical projects in Syria as our UK team are all volunteers and we aim to eliminate the overheads that most charities in the UK would have.


** We don't expose the names of the hospitals, to protect our medical teams and facilities