Distributing blankets for the winter

Our goal is to demonstrate unconditional love, through giving our time and resources.  We are all volunteers here in the UK.

Our appeals rely on people like you being willing to organise a collection or appeal in your local school, church, community or workplace.  Before starting, you will need some information and you will also need to register first as we work in a specific way.  If you help us collect physical aid we will ask you to bring your collection which has been categorised, packed and labelled according to our instructions to one of out storage hubs.

Explaining the crisis in Syria and Iraq to children.

The appeals we run are for people in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria a.  I ask people to donate on the understanding that it may go anywhere in the Middle East but to date, we have sent everything to Iraq and Syria with just one container to Jordan and one to Lebanon. 

To find out more about organising an appeal , please fill out the form on the COLLECT page.


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