The main costs that I aim to cover are for transportation of the aid to the places that it is needed.  I also try to make a contribution towards the distribution costs that our local partners have in distributing our aid.

You can sponsor a consignment starting from around £4,000 - £7,500.  The amount varies depending on departure location in the UK, and the destination, and how much of the process you are willing to sponsor.

If you are an individual, organisation or business interested in sponsoring a consignment please call Samara on 07960 937 716 or send a message through our enquiry form.


Medical provision/sponsor a doctor or bed

There is a desperate need to provide basic medical care for 11.5 Million in need of urgent healthcare.  We have two hospitals in Syria and are in the process of opening two more.  These hospitals provide emergency care, intensive care and emergency surgery.  It costs between

£230-365 to sponsor a general medical/surgical bed

£450 to sponsor an intensive care bed (non ventilated)

£750 to sponsor an intensive care bed (ventilated)

£475 per month to sponsor a junior A&E doctor

£620 per month to sponsor a middle grade A&E doctor

£875 per month to sponsor an A&E consultant


orphans & widows

We are starting to support some of the most vulnerable people in Syria, and also Iraq with regular food parcels.  In particular our focus is on women who have been widowed, especially if they have children to support as well as older widows if they have no other family to support them.  We also have a focus on supporting children and families who have taken in children orphaned in the conflict. The amount it costs to support a child or family depends on their location, the size of the family. We can provide food parcels for £30 per month or more for larger families.


Please call Samara on 07960 937 716.