For the poorest communities in Syria, meeting the basic food and nutritional requirements each day is a challenge.  4.5 million people are food insecure, and we are keen to address this.  While we also buy food locally in Syria for people, this is a simple way for us to add nutritionally balanced meals to the consignments we send to Syria which are simple for our teams on the ground to distribute to some of the poorest and most vulnerable families.  We also believe that this hands on approach gives many more people a tangible way to be involved in serving than simply through giving money.  Sponsoring and hosting a food packing event brings people an opportunity to connect with the people they are giving to.


For Businesses

  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • PR

Whether part of a management training day or as a way of encouraging your employees to give back to the world they are part of, a food packing event is a personal way of giving and encouraging your greatest assets to think beyond their workplace and consider the impact on the global community.


For Churches

  • Build community
  • Engage church
  • Reach out into community
  • Mission giving on a practical level
  • Love in action

Churches do a great job of being salt and light in the community, but it is even better when you can invite your local community to come and be part of something bigger than the church itself.  While many people in your community might not think of going to church on a Sunday morning, many might be willing to come and help pack food for the hungry and displaced in war-torn Syria.  A food packing event is a brilliant opportunity for your church to invite their friends, neighbours and colleagues to get involved in something that is not a religious activity, but that is right at the heart of demonstrating the message of the unconditional love of God.


How It Works

Whether you want to engage 30-60 volunteers, or 500 employees, the size of your event is up to you.  You provide the venue, volunteers and cover the costs, and we bring the food, equipment and packaging, taking everything away with us again at the end of the event.  Minimum event size starts from 30-60 volunteers packing 10,000 meals which costs £1,900 to buy the food.  It works out around 20 pence per meal.

For more information please email Samara through the CONTACT page or on 07960 937 716.