One of the most important parts of organising a collection is ensuring that everything that goes into your boxes is in perfect condition.  This means overseeing what you helpers are putting in each box.

Local partners have given our donations a score of 7.5/10
My target is 10/10
We can achieve this!

This cannot be stressed enough!  Based on the feedback I have had for the last 10 lorries sent, we are sending good quality items overall, but there is still room for improvement. 

My preference is that you bring me one box of clean, dry clothes etc. in immaculate condition with every zip, button and popper working, with no holes (no matter how tiny) and no stains (no matter how faint or small), rather than 400 boxes of clothes that are warm or useful but not in really good condition.

I have heard too many stories of orgnisations distributing damaged or dirty clothes to refugees and displaced people, and I do not want Samara's Aid Appeal to be one of them!  As my name is on this appeal, I want everything we send to be something that both you and I can be proud of.

The people we are sending these clothes to have been through traumatic experiences that many of us here in the UK would struggle even to imagine.  Many have witnessed family members being killed or raped, had their children abducted and sold as slaves, and most have lost not only their homes but every possession that they worked hard all their lives to earn.  Most of these people cannot work, either because they are not allowed, or there is no work.

You are likely to need volunteers to help with this sorting and packing, and I would ask that you ensure that everyone who puts anything into a box for you has read through the quality control instructions first.

Below are some examples of items that should be recycled, or shoes that should be polished.

We can only accept boxed, labelled collections from people who are registered as collectors with Samara's Aid Appeal. You can request information about registering here.