In many of the areas in Syria that have been affected most severely by the conflict, too many children have missed years of education. The children who have been exposed to the most violence and destruction, and who have lived in areas under control of extremists who carried out public executions and punishments, are the children in greatest need of education, rehabilitation and learning. They need to live a normal life with routines and healthy learning.

Across the country many children are living in poverty now, and for many families this means they cannot afford the basics that a child needs to take to school with them. Whether presentable clothes and shoes to wear to school, or the pens, exercise books and stationary needed to be able to engage with learning, we want to help address some of the most basic barriers that are stopping so many children from being able to benefit from something as essential as an education.


School Bags are a wonderful project to undertake with a group of friends, in a school, or with your own children. Each bag is a manageable size project for one family or small group to fill. Others may aim to fill a few bags.  

Larger groups such as schools and churches may buy a few dozen bags and ask people to take away one of our shopping lists and a bag, to fill then return it. Or they may ask people to donate a few of the items on the shopping list. They will then fill the bags, checking that everything is included before bringing them to us.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to collect items or money from other people (friends, church, schools etc.) to fill School Bags, it will be your responsibility to check that all the bags are correctly filled and labelled before bringing them to us. YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER AS A COLLECTOR before you start.  To find out more about what is involved in being a collector, please request one of our information packs.


A School should be a backpack that can be comfortably worn to school, and should be large enough to fully accommodation all of the items, in the correct quantities on its relevant shopping list, without having to force the zip to close and without bending the corners of the books inside.


1)      Choose which type of bag you will fill, whether for primary school infant or junior age, or for secondary age. Each of these categories is age appropriate.

2)      Print the relevant School Bag shopping list below

3)      Shop. All the items are easy to buy in specialist stationary shops, and you can probably buy them for a cheaper price online on sites like Amazon, Rymans and other specialist education suppliers.

4) Tick each item on the list as you pack. Please provide the exact quantities on each list ie the correct number of exercise books and pens. Packs of colouring pencils should be the specified quantity. These bags will be given to children who sit next to each other, so we want to ensure that every child receives the same as their neighbour.

5)    Cut out the label, tick the correct category, and stick it securely on the outside of the bag using clear sticky tape or using use a luggage tag to stick the label to..

6)     Only pack NEW items that are on the list. Pack the ticked list inside the bag once you have finished


8)     Please donate £3 per School Bag to cover shipping costs: CLICK HERE



We are a small, Brighton-based charity, and we rely on an ever-changing network of volunteers to receive local donations of our aid across the UK. The way you should deliver your dignity bags will depend on where you are located, and how many bags you collect and when.

For more than 15 bags: Please contact us via this link and ask to register as a collector. Registering as a collector will give you access to our storage hubs (locations vary) where you can deliver on certain dates. Please do this before you start collecting, as you will need to make sure that you are able to deliver your collection of bags, packed in banana boxes, to one of our hubs on the right dates.

For up to 15 bags: If there is a clothes appeal in progress, please check on this page to see if we have a local collector registered in your area. If there is, make contact to ask if they are happy for you to deliver your School Bags to them, and offer to contribute to their transport costs. (If you will be delivering more than 3 bags, it would help if you packed them in banana boxes. You should be able to fit 3 bags in each box.) Please note that if you have a larger number of bags, it might be too much for them to accept these, in which case we would ask you to request our information pack before registering as a collector with us and make plans to deliver to one of our storage hubs.  

Alternatively, ship your school bags using a courier service such as Hermes, for delivery Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5pm only to the following address:

SAMARA’S AID APPEAL, c/o Link to Hope, Links House, Park Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2AN

Please don't deliver items to this address in person unless you have pre-arranged this with Helen, Samara or Tamsin in advance.