It is hard to keep up to date with this timeline as this project continues to snowball, but here are a few of the notable landmarks and achievements:

August 2018 - Consignment 101 loaded and sent to Syria filled with brand new waterproofs for adults and children.

December 2016 - Consignment 62 loaded and sent to the Middle East carrying winter aid.

July 2016 - Opened Emmanuel Hospital in Syria providing free emergency care to the poor and vulnerable.

10th May 2016 - Opened Meljar Hospital in Syria providing free emergency care to the poor and vulnerable.

12th December 2015 - Consignment 34 was loaded taking our total so far to 33 container and lorries of humanitarian aid sent to Iraq, Syria and Jordan with an additional five ambulances sent to Syria

20th November - Consignment 28 was loaded with two ambulances, urgently needed medical equipment for an ITU/Emergency care setting and mattresses for Syria.

24th September - Consignment 16 (lorry 15) leaves filled with humanitarian aid for the displaced people and refugees in Northern Iraq.

14th August 2015 - Samara has a warehouse until December (and is on the lookout for something more permanent) and has sent a further four lorries (14 in total plus the container to Jordan).  The applications have been filled out for charitable status so that Samara can work independently of other charities while also claiming gift aid.

5th April 2015 - Although all seems quiet, much work has been happening below the surface.  New partnerships being formed, discussions with a landlord about a warehouse that sounds perfect, website being put together and planning the next appeals.

16th February 2015 - Samara returns the keys to the storage unit and starts hunting for a bigger storage space.

14th February 2015 - Lorry number 10 leaves for Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

6th February 2015 - 1st container packed up for Jordan.

3rd February 2015 - 9th lorry leaves for KRI.

2nd February 2015 - 8th lorry leaves for KRI.

31st January 2015 - 7th lorry leaves for KRI.

24th January 2015 - 5th & 6th lorry leave for KRI.

23rd January 2015 - £25,000 pledged to pay for the next lorries!  Amazing news!

22nd January 2015 - Notice given on the two storage units being used as paying tenants want to move in.  Both units were full and Samara suddenly realises that another £25,000 is needed in the next week to send off all the aid that is coming in from this huge appeal!

20th January 2015 - 4th lorry leaves for KRI.

7th January 2015 - 3rd appeal starts.  Overwhelming response of churches as far as Scotland, Wales and Cornwall keen to help.

December 2014 - The 2nd & 3rd lorries arrive before Christmas!

29th November 2014 - 3rd lorry leaves for Kurdistan Region of Iraq!

22nd November 2014 - 2nd lorry leaves for Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

17th November 2014 - A UK partner agrees to buy 1,000 blankets and 500 sleeping bags for the next lorry.

24th October 2014 - Samara sees the flooded IDP camps in Kurdistan and realises that she has to send a second lorry.  The second appeal gets going.

15th October 2014 - 1st lorry leaves, 2 1/2 weeks earlier than planned.

19th August 2014 - Samara sends first email to mum's in son's year group asking people to donate winter clothes and shoes, followed by an email to friends. The first appeal gets going.