Care packs for people in need

“Are there really still people like this in the world?” These were the words of the official inspecting our container when it arrived in Syria. He had just opened one of these care packs and seen a box filled with beautiful gifts for women in need of humanitarian help in Syria. He was moved when he saw the faces of the family in the photo with our printed message of love and encouragement that we ask our supporters to put in these care packs when they fill them.

Society has broken down so much in Syria now. People have lost their trust in humanity. These relatively small acts of kindness from us here in the UK can move hearts and minds on the other side of the world, in a country ravaged by death, destruction and violence.

The only thing stronger than hate is love.

So many people have been moved by the crisis in Syria and St Stephen’s Church in Twickenham responded by collecting hundreds of care packs for pregnant and post-natal women, babies, families and women who have escaped ISIS. Reaching out first to their own congregation, then into their schools, neighbourhoods and community as a whole, they have filled hundreds of boxes with essential new relief items to show our brothers and sisters that they have not been forgotten, that they are loved and that we care enough to do something practical to help them in their suffering.

They collected empty banana boxes and distributed these, together with our shopping lists (see to families, schools, football clubs and groups within their communities, asking people to buy the items on the list and fill these boxes.

Doing something to make a difference is so easy. Whether you fill one box or 100, every single box makes a difference for someone. We don’t have to watch in horror, we can all do something to make a difference. Every ocean is made up of many drops. To find out how to contribute your drop, please request an information pack

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