Christmas for IDP's fleeing Mosul in Iraq

CHRISTMAS for the IDP's fleeing Mosul in Iraq. On 23rd December our team on the ground distributed some of our aid to Christians and Muslims who have recently fled the fighting in Mosul as the army battle against ISIS to retake this city. Our aid was distributed in a poor Armenian Christian village in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq where many poor families have taken in these displaced families to live with their own.

These host families were already poor, but instead of turning their brothers and sisters away in their time of need, they have taken them into their own homes to live with their families. They are sharing the little they have with their neighbours and trusting that God will provide for all of them. This is the true meaning of Christmas, and of being a Christian.

As the fight against ISIS continues, our team on the ground report that ISIS have been sending suicide bombers with the displaced families who are fleeing. One of the most shocking attacks they reported recently was of a seven-year-old girl who had been sent by ISIS with explosives strapped to her. Please continue to pray for the people who would abuse and take the life of a small child in this way as well as the millions of lives affected by their actions.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see that some of these children are still wearing sandals with no socks. It is cold now in this area which is higher altitude than others parts of Iraq.

Happy Christmas and thank you so much to everyone who has contributed in any way to our work. Your love, compassion and gifts are making a difference.