Medical point evacuated in Syria

Amazing news! The medical team from the desert are safe for now. We can't describe it as anything other than a miracle. The situation seemed so impossible yet both the team, the patients and the most precious pieces of medical equipment they were using at this medical point have been evacuated.

There was a team of skilled workers employed by a commercial company in this area who were due to evacuate yesterday. By some miracle they were delayed until today. Dr A managed to connect with them through some of his contacts and they were willing to risk themselves further to go in their 4x4's and pick up trucks. They managed to take all of the staff and patients to a place of safety.

They had to take a different route across the desert as the main road was unsafe. It would have been almost impossible to do this in any other vehicles, but it all worked out in such an amazing way. We are so grateful and feeling a great mix of emotions. Most of all we are thankful but it is hard knowing what they are leaving behind. The people left behind have no medical provision in the middle of so much death and destruction.

If the team attacking this area are pushed back, the medical team will try to return but no one knows what to expect.

The medics are going to try to provide some level of support from another area, but the situation is so awful for the people left behind and also those who are fleeing. Please keep praying for protection, provision and most of all peace for these people.

We are so grateful for all of your heartfelt prayers.

Thank you Jesus for rescuing these faithful doctors and nurses and support staff who risk their own lives to save the lives of others.