Area of Meljar hospital taken

Today ISIS have taken the area where Meljar Hospital is. We are so grateful that our medical team managed to leave, just in time. If they had delayed, they would certainly be killed by ISIS. There is hope that this area will be taken back again but there is much uncertainty. Our prayer is that Meljar Hospital will be hidden from their eyes, that they won't see it among all the other buildings as there is no one in it. We are praying that it will be kept safe and protected until ISIS are gone from this area.

The doctor and nurse who volunteered to go back to the desert medical point arrived back there just before ISIS took that area too. We lost contact with them and spent much of the afternoon in anxious prayer for them abs their protection. Eventually we made contact with them.

After they arrived they felt it was too dangerous there, so they left. On the road they couldn't see other people travelling. This scared them and they realised that ISIS had taken the road too. They left the road and went up into the mountains to hide until nightfall before travelling again. They have reached another medical point where they are safe for now.

Because ISIS have taken another very important strategic area in Syria, the implications of this are devastating for the people of Syria. They predict that they will lose a further 30% of their fuel and electricity, when it was already in critically short supply, especially during these winter months when so many people are suffering with the cold. The people who will suffer the most are the poorest people. Please pray for them.

We have a team in Syria working on some sustainable energy solutions which use materials that are free and available to produce energy, but these take time and have complications. We are praying that some of these can be used in the future.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support.