Prayers needed for our medical teams in Syria

Please can we ask for your prayers? The last 30 hours has been critical for one of Dr A's medical teams that we support in a desert area in Syria. Although there has been a lot of fighting around this area for a long time, the last 30 hours have seen some of the worst attacks and a powerful jehadist group have taken some other key areas very close by. They have dealt with 14 deaths and more than 200 wounded at this medical point, many in critical condition, and they are just a tiny team. There are also a lot of people missing now, potentially dead or kidnapped and there is no way of knowing what has happened to them.

There have also been some of the worst attacks in months to the area of Meljar Hospital but this seems to be under control at the moment.

Last night Dr A asked the team to evacuate the medical point in the desert but the team refused to leave. It is a medical facility that is somewhere between a clinic and a small hospital. The doctor in charge there said they have many wounded patients that they are unable to evacuate, but if they leave them there they will probably die.

When Dr A was talking to the doctor in charge of this medical point last night, the doctor said they have been hearing a lot of loud explosions. There were some people in this area fighting this terrorist group, but at the moment they seem to be running away. They are the people who are supposed to be protecting this area.

The people living in the surrounding area have packed up their most precious and essential possessions in case they have to run at a moments notice. The team at the medical point have packed up the most precious equipment.

The doctor in charge has seen a lot of battles and said he is not afraid. But the other doctor and nurses are scared.

Dr A is asking us all to pray for their protection as they are in the frontline now. He said

"I hate the night. They [jehadist group] always use the cover of night for their attacks. I'm afraid of the night."

Around four hours ago they reported that the fighting had stopped but that this group were moving in their direction.

Some of the civilians from neighboring areas have arrived in this area and are trying to protect them as there is no one else to protect this area now. They are trying to separate the area where this jehadist group are and the area where this medical point is. That group is much more powerful, better armed and equipped than these civilians are.

The medical point has run out of most of the supplies they need but it is really hard to get anything to them now as people are afraid to travel to this area.

The sub zero temperatures in the area are making everything much harder as it is a struggle for them to keep warm in the medical point and generally in the area. The only fuel they can rely on is wood fuel right now. Again, they are running out as it is so hard to access them safely. Additionally they are in the desert which can get very cold, especially at night. No one wants to travel there even to take supplies.

Please can we ask you to pray for this team as often as you can and to ask your faithful friends to pray too.

This is a true battle and we can only fight it on our knees. Please can I ask you to join together with us in prayer for the protection of this team as often as you can. I will be praying for them continuously throughout the day and night, but I will make a special effort to pray for them at 10am and 10pm daily until we have news that the situation is under control. Even if you join us just for a couple of minutes with your heartfelt prayers it will make a difference.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Please pray for these things for the team, and also the people trying to survive in this area:


Thanks so much.