Snow in Syria this week


These pictures were taken in Syria today and on Sunday by our teams on the ground. They have had snow this week. These families fled their homes last week when ISIS took the area where they were living. There are 26 families (148 people) sheltering in this abandoned school with no windows and no heating. One of our doctors went to assess the families trying to shelter here to see what help we can provide. There are more than 100 children and two elderly people over 80.

Many of these displaced people have significant medical conditions which will be exacerbated by these harsh living conditions in damp and sub-zero temperatures including asthma, diabetes and hypertension. One father is recovering from cardiac surgery, there is a pregnant woman about to give birth and also a three year old child with physical and learning disabilities who can only drink milk because of a risk of aspirating solid food. Temperatures have been so cold, you can see the children playing on the ice outside the school building.

When our team went to asses the needs of these families, the young children went running up to them. They were friendly and smiling, with no concept of the dangers they left behind or even why they have left their homes. They have only one bathroom to serve 148 people.

These families are in urgent need and we hope to help them with food, clothing, bedding and carpet as well as with windows and medical care.

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