The destruction of another hospital in Syria and the desperate need for a new one

Some of our supporters have contacted me asking whether our lead doctor in Syria was harmed in the Aleppo Hospital bombing today.

When I spoke with Dr A about this attack he told me that 12 of the doctors he trained with in disaster management were in Aleppo. Because of the breakdown in infrastructure in Aleppo, they don't know the situation or whereabouts of these doctors.

Dr A says

"When we lose a doctor or nurse we don't just lose a man or a woman, we lose all the people whose lives could have been saved by them. The death of a doctor means the death of many people.

"And when we lose an active hospital, we lose the hope of a complete community or city.

"Today we lost a hospital and the precious doctors, nurses and staff needed to establish new ones. Please don't let their deaths be in vain. We need to continue our mission in caring for and minimising the suffering and pain of the people in Syria who need urgent medical care.

"Please focus on the people who are still alive. The dead in Syria are in a better situation than those left behind."

Next week, we are opening our new hospital in Syria in an area where all of the hospitals have been destroyed. There is no civilian healthcare provision for miles around this dangerous location.

We have purchased, and our team on the ground have been installing the equipment needed to start an emergency hospital with a small emergency department, operating theatre and intensive care unit, and we will increase the size of the team, the number of beds and the services provided as quickly as we can raise the funds to cover the costs of running this hospital.

Because of the very real threat to their safety we are not disclosing the location of this hospital. Our team's safety is the most important consideration for us in opening this hospital.

As everyone at Samara's Aid Appeal works on a voluntary basis and we do not use your money to cover our expenses, it enables us to channel every penny you donate to the people in need.

Likewise, Dr A's salary comes from other sources meaning that his time to the strategic planning, implementation and management of this hospital is also given free of charge. The doctors, nurses and support staff working at our hospital are not on market rate salaries because they are committed to serving their people, and some are volunteers whose food or living expenses are covered.

The result is that we are able to provide a very cost effective medical service, free of charge, to the people in need. 3 in 4 people in Syria are living in poverty meaning the need for free healthcare is a matter of life or death for most people.

My goal is to raise an initial £10,000 per month in regular standing orders rising as quickly as possible to £20,000 per month to cover the salaries of the doctors, nurses and support staff at the hospital as well as medications, utilities and the fuel costs for our ambulances.

If you can help in any way, please CONTACT Samara.