Urgent help needed for families escaping from ISIS

Today I received an urgent plea from our partners in Erbil in Iraq who are responding to a desperate humanitarian crisis in their area.

They are reporting crimes against humanity where tens of thousands of families are being used as human shields by ISIS.

Some of these people are taking the risk to flee to Kurdistan, to a camp in the village of Dibaga. Our partner says

"We don’t know what ISIS are doing but we can see what they are leaving behind. The road from Shirqat to Dibaga is a three day walk, full of bodies of either people who have been killed by ISIS or children who have died of dehydration.

"Families have left Shirqat with six members and arrive in Dibaga with only 3 or 4. Thousands of families are arriving in a camp of just a few hundreds tents. There is no place for them to stay or find shade from the scorching sun.

"They are in desperate need of the most basic and essential things like water and shade. We have been taking them trucks of water, ice, bread, fruit, canned beans and baby food."

Their team are still there but they need urgent help to continue helping these families who are in desperate need.

A donation of £25 will enable our partners to give a family of four a parcel of food and essentials that will last 2-3 weeks to serve their immediate needs. Please support our brothers and sisters and share this post

Looking ahead, these people along with the other millions of other internally displaced people in Iraq will also need clothing and other essential aid supplies this winter which we are asking people like you to collect through your churches, communities, schools and workplaces. For more information about how you can get involved please request an information pack here www.samarasaidappeal.org/collectors

Individually we can do so little, but together we can achieve so much. As we enjoy the prospect of a holiday or a break over the summer, please let's keep focused on what we can do to help our brothers and sisters who are facing traumas that we can't even begin to imagine and are struggling to access things as basic as shade, water and food.