Bringing hope to the hopeless

We are in the business of bringing hope to the hopeless. There are 11.5 million people needing urgent healthcare provision in Syria. Hope is something that many Syrians have lost. This is the reason that people are risking their lives and the lives of their children and fleeing the country by the millions.

But there are still 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian help who are still inside Syria, and accessing relief and emergency medical care in this war zone is very difficult for many people while 3 in 4 people are living in poverty. At the time that people in Syria need emergency medical care most, it isn't available for much of the population.

We have opened an emergency hospital in Syria. We are also establishing a mobile operating room and will be opening more hospitals to meet some of these needs and bring some hope in this devastated country.
The healthcare provision we have in the UK is something most of us take for granted, but this is something everyone can get involved in to make a difference. We are working to the goal of raising £20,000 per month in standing orders to support our hospitals. Currrently we have commitments for nearly £4,500 which is really exciting, but we still have a long way to go.

For more information about how to get involved, please contact