Bringing smiles into IDP camps in Iraq

This video made me smile today. The football they are playing with made lots of beautiful little children in Iraq smile too. We were donated lots of footballs and flip flops by the Medi Oliver Foundation which our partners distributed last week in a camp for some of the 3.2 million internally displaced people in Iraq who have fled ISIS. Many of these people lost everything they owned when they fled, and left with only the clothes they were wearing.

These are some of the children living in that camp. I didn't want to edit this video because the sound of these children laughing and playing is so beautiful and better than any music that we could have found to accompany this.

The Medi Oliver Foundation was started by two very courageous parents after they lost their 11 year old son in an accident. He was a beautiful boy with such a generous spirit always doing something to help other people, especially other children who were suffering or living in poverty. These amazing and inspiring parents now dedicate their time to raising money to improve the lives of other children living in less fortunate situations, in memory and honour of the son they have lost.

Thank you for your compassion and commitment to challenging injustice.