The wounded innocents

This is why we are doing what we are doing in Syria.

Every day, innocent children like this boy are injured and killed in a war that they don't understand. We have a small medical team working in the Aleppo area providing emergency medical care to children like this. They are working in very difficult circumstances and it is a continuing challenge for them to providing a primary medical service in such a dangerous area.

Our lead doctor in Syria "Dr A" said

"I have children and every time I see a wounded child like this I feel as as though I am looking at or treating my child. Every time I see a child that has been killed I wonder how I would feel if it had been my child and not someone else's. It could just as easily have been my son.

"Our greatest priority is to keep our team safe and to find enough staff who are willing to work in these most dangerous areas to serve the people."

Our team in the Aleppo area are working without much of the equipment they need. We always have to prioritise what is needed most desperately which often means leaving them without other essential equipment. Part of the problem is the lack of electricity in the area which we need to use much of the equipment.

The cost to human life in this bloody conflict is incomprehensible.

Bombs make no distinction between soldier or child, right or wrong or one side or the other. When a bomb explodes killing our brothers and sisters and their children, it makes no difference who has dropped it, the effect is the same. Every victim bleeds, feels pain and will die if injured severely enough.

These amazing teams who risk their lives to serve these children need our continued support and encouragement. For more information about some of our medical work please visit