What choices for Syrian children?

While the crisis continues, the people left behind in Syria are in desperate need of humanitarian help.

There are 11.5 million people in need of urgent healthcare provision in Syria. As approximately 200 hospitals have been destroyed, only around 1 in 3 hospitals are functional. Who does that leave to provide emergency medical care for children like the little boy we have seen on the news today?

Without help from outside, children like these will die, and be orphaned in circumstances that could have and would have been different If they had access to emergency medical care.

Let's not simply blame governments for the problems, but do something positive in our own communities, among our friends, in our churches, schools and workplaces.

Let's be the opportunity, not the obstacle for these people.

If our children and families have the chance to grow up in relative safety and have free healthcare when they are sick, please consider what happens to those living in Syria without these basic human rights.

There are practical ways to help. Find out more by requesting an information pack www.samarasaidappeal.org/collectors