Kidnapping of doctors in Syria

Please could I ask for your urgent prayers for a fellow doctor and friend of Dr's A's who has been kidnapped in Syria. He is a specialist doctor who has a wife and children and is one of the best doctors in his field in Syria. He was recently taken from his home and his captors have demanded a ransom from his family.

I have to keep the details vague to protect the teams out there, as well the doctor and his family. Even if the family were able and willing to pay this ransom, the chances of him returning home are very small.

There are now numerous gangs operating in Syria and it is common for these kidnappings to take place. A ransom is demanded and on many occasions families have paid these but never saw their loved one again. No-one is sure what happens to them, whether they are killed or in the case of doctors whether they are forced to carry out illegal operations for these gangs. We have good reason to believe that some of these gangs trade in illegally harvested human organs.

Please pray for a miracle for this man and his family, because a miracle is what is needed. If you feel able please join me in fasting and praying for his safe return and for his family. He was a good man and doctor who would not take money from patients who were too poor to pay for their treatment. Please also pray for the people who have taken him, that their hearts will be changed and that they will see and understand the reality of what they are doing.

Please also pray for the safety of all of our medical teams in Syria who risk their lives simply by staying in Syria and continuing to work in the medical field. In trying to save the lives of others, their own become targets and they have no way of protecting themselves or their families. These medical teams sacrifice more than we can possible imagine simply to help people. They deserve as much support as we can give them.