Another hospital opened - thanks to volunteers

Emmanuel* Hospital is now officially open this morning!

This photo was taken less than an hour ago. This girl is 10 years old and was brought in with acute abdominal pain and loss of appetite. This picture shows one of our surgeons examining her and performing an abdominal ultrasound. Our team are waiting for blood results and want to rule out appendicitis.

If she needs surgery it will be done there in our hospital. We have our mobile operating room working with this hospital and have the capacity to carry out open and laprascopic (key hole) surgery.

This hospital is in a very poor area in Syria 1-2 hours drive from the closest hospital. After dark no emergency services will come out to this area as the road is very dangerous and people travelling along it are regularly attacked by armed groups.

This doctor is one of our team, and he is giving his time at this hospital as a volunteer to serve his people.

When the hospital was being painted and repaired ready for service last week, around 100 people from the local community turned out to help.

Dr A said

" I wish you could have seen the people: children, women and the elderly who have come to the hospital to try to help. It is their window of hope. It is the true meaning of 'God with us.'

"I wish you could see the people's smiles and the hope in their eyes. Everyone is saying 'Now we won't die if we get sick at night.' Everyone is saying that this hospital is a gift from God, and they are thanking the people who have made this hospital possible.

"These people are poor, simple and helpless but they are pure, faithful and trusting."

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this hospital which will save many lives and is bringing hope to a community that has been devastated by war and poverty.



* names of hospitals are changed to protect the safety of our teams in this war zone where hospital and doctors are actively targeted.