Today Samara distributed aid to families including orphans and widows from Aleppo


This week we have been distributing food to displaced families from Aleppo. Watching videos and reading people's stories is one thing. But standing in front of a widow telling you the circumstances of how her home was deliberately burnt down, and showing you pictures of her stunningly beautiful daughter who was kidnapped is something entirely different.

I will never forget the way this woman and her younger daughter broke down in tears, and how she cried on my shoulder as we hugged. She held my hand so tightly and kissed me over and over again during our visit and as I was leaving. I think she was touched that someone cared enough to cry with her about the injustice that she and her family have suffered.

This just one of so many widows left trying to survive in Syria in an unfamiliar area with next to nothing, and almost no means to support her six remaining children.

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