Back to School in Aleppo

This week our children have been going back to school in the UK. These beautiful children have also been returning to school, in Syria, for the first time in years. The intensity of the conflict in Aleppo over the last years has meant that children living in many parts of the city were unable to go to school. These children have missed years of education and learning, and the opportunities that are made possible with education. Although there are still some explosions around Aleppo, the situation there is now calm enough that these children are able to return to school. These amazing children are all from families that have been displaced in the conflict.

Buying new uniform and shoes is part of our back to school routine, and these children also need the basics in order to be able to focus on learning and catching up on lost time in education. It is still hot in Syria now, but in a matter of weeks the temperature will drop significantly, and these children will need warm clothes to help see them through the winter. Last winter there was a fuel crisis in Syria and the whole country struggled to keep warm in freezing temperatures. You can see in this video that in one of the classrooms there is a fuel heater. This is how they keep warm in winter, but when there is no fuel they have no choice but to rely on warm clothing. We want to help these children who have been through so much, and many other children to keep warm this winter.

Our team on the ground have been working hard to sort bags of clothes for each child and family, and have been distributing them to children from displaced families at these special schools. All of these children have been out of education for a long time and need as much encouragement as possible to try to build hope for a better future. We will also be distributing shoes in the coming weeks.

But there are 6.3 million internally displaced people in Syria, and an enormous number of them need this kind of support. Seven years of conflict has taken a huge toll on this nation and 85% of the population are now living in poverty.

Can you help us to collect aid through your churches, friends, schools and communities to help some of the most vulnerable displaced families in the Middle East? We need volunteers to complete our short, online training session then help us collect essential aid.