Please use the links below to support our life-saving work. You can give directly to each project.

Our life-saving work in the Middle East is only possible because of people like you supporting what we do.  

We are all volunteers, and don't spend the money we raise on UK salaries for our charity workers. This is about as direct as you can get in giving to a charitable cause as we keep UK overheads to an absolute minimum.  Nothing is wasted.

We need to raise monthly standing orders to support our medical projects in Syria, and have plans to design and build a hospital to serve large city and its surrounding area in Syria.

The link below is to help with the costs that Samara Levy has in carrying out this ministry, the administration of this charity including travel in the UK and to the Middle East, learning Arabic, telephone etc.  It goes through a different charity called Stewardship and enables Samara to cover her costs.

If you, your business or organisation is interested in sponsoring a square meter to design and build Grace Hospital, or organising a fundraising event to help with these costs please CONTACT us.