We have planning permission to build a 9,000 square meter hospital in Syria.  It will provide a high level of general and specialist medical services, and it is our vision to design and build a not for profit hospital that is equipped with the best ICU in the country.

We are planning for a hospital, equipped and staffed to a standard that we can train doctors and nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to provide the highest level of care services in Syria. According to the WHO, an estimated 2 out of 3 healthcare professionals have fled Syria, and the medical profession lacks specialist experience to teach and equip the next generation of medics.  

Specialist doctors are needed in Syria and our efforts will be focused on training the new generation of doctors and nurses in addition to developing the skills of the medical professionals who have chosen to stay and serve their people through the crisis.  These professionals need hospitals with good resources and equipment that can offer them a career and a future.  Most importantly, they need a reason to stay and be part of the solution to the crisis in Syria, and an essential part of rebuilding their communities.

The ordinary people in Syria also need hope that they can access dependable medical care in their darkest and most vulnerable moments, when other hospitals in the area close their doors to the poorest and most desperate, and when other hospitals may not be able to provide the specialist services needed.

Our land in a safe zone on the outskirts of a city which has seen a great deal of conflict, but this pocket has remained untouched.  This general area is the calmest it has been since the start of the conflict and it is ideally situated in Syria to be accessible to people from other areas of the country who need critical care.

It will serve an area where nearly 2 million people are struggling to gain access to reliable medical services. A third of the hospitals in the governorate have been destroyed or damaged and are out of service. Most of those remaining are largely dysfunctional, only able to provide basic services and few have the specialist doctors needed in every hospital. Many lack vital equipment and supplies.

As things currently stand, people in Syria need specialist care. The people who can afford to are seeking this in neighbouring countries as they cannot trust or rely on the care available inside Syria now. But this option is only available to a very select few. Too many people are dying as they cannot gain the treatment they need.

We have completed the preliminary initial layouts for the design of the first 2,500 square metres of this hospital, and are now working with engineers to complete the concept design. In the meantime, we are opening a medical centre which will provide a few specialist services which will serve as phase one towards Grace Hospital, and will work in parallel with the hospital once it is built.

Could you help us raise one SQUARE METRE to help design build this hospital? The approximate cost is £2,000 for one square meter, but this may change once we have a more comprehensive design. Whether raising through organising events, through your church, school, workplace or simply donating, every square meter will be helping save lives. Please use the reference GRACE for any donations.

*Total Giving do not charge to process donations, but the payment providers they use do. If you give by cheque or bank transfer we receive 100% of your donation. If you prefer to give online the payment provider will deduct 1.7% plus 20 pence from your donation before passing it to us. If your payment is the result of a fundraising event like a cake sale or other event, this should be made by cheque or bank transfer. Thanks so much.