‘Rebuilding the Ruins’ tells the story of a mother of two young children who began asking the mothers in her son’s year group at school for winter clothes. Moved by the desire to reach out to the war ravaged Syrian people, she soon found herself in the heart of one of the most complex and dangerous war zones in the world.

In 2014, Samara Levy embarked on an incredible journey, after seeing reports of barefoot children living in snow covered refugee camps. It quickly grew into a nationwide appeal taken on by hundreds of churches, schools and community groups across the UK, which has provided a handful of medical facilities in Syria during the conflict, and now has a goal of building a new hospital to serve the Syrian people.

It is a story of hope, of faith, and of love which crosses borders to reach out to some of the worlds most vulnerable people.

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The book details how this appeal started, grew, and how their small team has witnessed countless and incredible answers to prayer, in response to stepping out in faith to serve others.

publishing date: 25th July 2019

Available for pre-order in hardback or kindle from major retailers including:


WH Smith



‘We are damaged inside just like the buildings you saw. You can see the stones on the street, you can see the buildings destroyed, but inside every person going through the war: they are more damaged than the buildings. We are burning inside.’
— Aid Co-ordinator, Aleppo

Join Samara to hear more about her work in Syria, how it started, and her new book:


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