Our current indications are that it will cost approximately £2,000 for each square metre of GRACE HOSPITAL in Syria, and we would love you to be a part of it.

Could you Run for One? Or organise a Fair for a Square? We would love volunteers to help us raise square meters for this hospital. Could you, your church, school, workplace or community set a target to try to raise a square meter for this hospital?

At the moment we are raising funds to cover the master planning and concept design. Every square meter you can help with will make a difference.

Square-m2 (1).PNG

= £2,000

approximate cost

If you would like to donate, to build a square meter or help raise the money, please CONTACT US.


Samara's Aid Appeal's UK team is made of people who give their time freely, avoiding spending the precious money we raise on salaries here rather than making the difference needed in Syria. We use volunteers wherever possible.

If you have professional skills and experience that could help, please contact us using the form below.