In a world where there is so much luxury amid so much suffering, those of us who have, need to share with those who don't.  There is so much suffering, and the needs are so great, yet every one of us can do something to make a difference.

Samara with her children

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Having fled their homes to escape violence and persecution, families in the Middle East are malnourished and babies have died of hypothermia during winter in camps because there wasn’t enough humanitarian aid to serve their needs. 

As a mother who lives a comfortable life, I can't sit by and watch the suffering of millions without doing something.  While the aid agencies and governments are unable to provide enough humanitarian relief for these people, there is a need for us to take action to help.   

My approach is for us to give what we can, sharing the good clothes, shoes, money and other essentials that we have, with those who have nothing.  We give our best, not our cast offs, because we want the humanitarian aid we send to be a message of hope and encouragement. 

These people have no choice about what they are given, but we have a choice about what we send.  They have suffered terrible traumas, lost loved ones, lost their homes and everything they own.  They are trying to survive in terrible conditions.  

Their future is bleak, and the quality of our donations shows them how much we care, and that they haven’t been forgotten.

This is our world, and our global community.  We all share the responsibility for looking after our brothers and sisters in need.