Covering the costs of transporting the humanitarian aid we send is a continuing process and we are keen to ask everyone to get involved in helping me with this. As we are all volunteers the money we raise is spent on covering the costs of transporting our aid to it's destination, buying aid and minimal overheads.

If you have done any fundraising for Samara's Aid Appeal, we would love to see your pictures.

If you would like to help raise money to support the new hospital we are opening with our partners in Syria, perhaps you would consider hosting a dinner or themed evening in which you can invite friends and talk about the medical challenges in Syria.  If each or some guests was willing to commit to a monthly standing order of £10, it wouldn’t take long to reach £50 or £100 per month in standing orders from one evening.  The giving forms can be printed from the website and we can provide some relief reports you can read in advance so that you understand the issues and challenges.

Here are some links to fundraising resources that you can download and use to help you raise money to support our work, in particular our hospitals in Syria:

YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN FUNDRAISING PAGES TO SUPPORT OUR WORK USING OUR APPEAL PAGES ON BT MYDONATE.  Simply access the appeal you want to support through our giving page, then click on the "Start Fundraising" button.  All payments made through this method will come directly to us, gift aid can be applied to eligible donations, and BT Mydonate don't charge admin fees for this service.




GIVING FORMS& leaflets with giving forms

You can find many more video resources on our youtube channel by searching "Samara Levy"



  • Host a dinner party asking guests to make a suggested donation of £10 - 30 per person depending on people’s budgets

  • Host a DVD & pasta night – simple food like Bolognese and salad with a DVD suggested £10 donation per person.  Ask each attendee to do the same.

  • Host a pamper evening with a suggested donations per treatment

  • Host a girls night – cook very simply food or everyone brings a dish and a suggested donation of £10 per guest

  • Host a boys night with curry and get your friends to bring a few beers,  suggested donation of £10 per guest

  • Car wash – donations to the appeal

  • Themed dinner – people can invite guests, again, suggested donations you can decide. 

  • Organise a valentines day sale selling cakes, cards and flowers

  • Organise a series of netball/sports matches at school with other mums, with each mum paying £5-£10 to play each week with the school providing the courts for free

  • Charity football matches with different churches/workplaces competing, with players paying £5 each per match.  This is such a great way of involving the community as a whole

  • Take part in an event ie half marathon, 5k run, triathlon, sponsored swim

  • Organise a comedy or quiz night

  • Host a bridge afternoon

  • Soup lunches with simply soups and bread & cheese

  • Organise a music gig

  • Organise a charity art exhibition and auction

  • Host an afternoon tea or coffee morning