The scale of the humanitarian crisis in Syria is enormous and innocent people including children are relentlessly being killed and injured by continuous bombings and terrorist attacks.  The UNHCR state that that 12.8 million people in need of healthcare provision in Syria

Because hospitals are actively targeted in Syria, around 60% of hospitals have now closed and are functioning at a reduced capacity.  This is at a time when the Syrian people need emergency medical care most, with 30,000 war-related injuries every month.  For most it is hard, if not impossible to access.

One of the greatest humanitarian priorities for the people inside Syria is frontline, emergency medical care.  People are dying because there aren't enough ambulances to transport them to hospital and there aren't enough hospitals in areas where civilians are being injured.

We are opening small hospitals and "Meditainers" to provide emergency care for the Syrian people.  Our teams are dealing with large numbers of war - related traumas every month.

Medical equipment is desperately needed in hospitals in Syria.   While everything used in a hospital environment is needed, the main focus is for equipment that can be used in an emergency care setting including trauma, intensive care and surgical care setting. 

Our medical teams are serving the people caught up in this relentless conflict, and are providing emergency care to people who cannot afford to pay for healthcare provision.  As 85% of the Syrian population are living in poverty, many Syrians cannot access urgent medical care. Some areas have lost their state provided healthcare or it is functioning at a very low capacity. It is life or death for many of these people.

Very little is imported into Syria, and a significant number of factories have closed or have been bombed meaning that even if the raw materials and components were available, production capacity is vastly reduced.  Intensive care patients are sometimes put two on one monitor as there isn't enough equipment. 

We are raising money to support our hospitals in Syria and also provide medical equipment to help save the lives of the people effected by this conflict.  Every penny raised for this appeal goes directly to supporting our Syrian teams on the ground, as well as purchasing and transporting suitable medical equipment and medicines into Syria.  

When you donate to this appeal, every penny raised will go directly to the costs of paying the salaries of our doctors and nurses on the ground, and in some cases just living expenses as some are volunteers and work just for food and expenses.  It also covers medicines and supplies and hospital operating costs.  It also covers the costs of purchasing new equipment to open new hospitals, and transporting medical aid to our teams on the ground. 

Your money will not be spent on UK salaries or expenses.  Please use this giving link below, or you can give by cheque or bank transfer by downloading this GIVING FORM but please specify if you would like your donation to be used for medical aid.