The scale of the humanitarian crisis in Syria is enormous.  The UNHCR state that 13.2 million people in need of healthcare provision in Syria. Even though the fighting has subsided in many areas, the medical crisis has continued to escalated over the last years.

Around 60% of hospitals have now been destroyed, damaged, closed, or are functioning at a reduced capacity.  This is at a time when the Syrian people need medical care most.  For the majority, a good standard of care is hard, if not impossible to access.

One of the greatest humanitarian priorities for the people inside Syria is medical care.  People are dying from treatable conditions because they cannot either access medical care at the level they need.

We have an emergency response medical centre providing emergency care to an average of 3,000 patients every month. We also have planning permission to build a 9,000m2 HOSPITAL. We are also hoping to open a medical centre in the general area of the hospital we plan to build, to offer immediate care as a preliminary to the larger hospital.

Our medical teams are serving the people affected by the consequences of eight years of brutal conflict, and are providing emergency care to people who cannot afford to pay for healthcare provision.  Many Syrians cannot access urgent medical care. It is life or death for many of these people.

We are raising money to support our medical projects in Syria and also to play a part in rebuilding some of the medical infrastructure that has been lost during the war. Ultimately it is our goal to help save lives, and bring hope to the people effected by this conflict.   

When you donate to this appeal, it is not spent on UK charity salaries, it is spent directly on our medical project costs for Syria, including medicines, supplies, the salaries of doctors and nurses, as well as forward planning costs for our bigger vision of playing a part in rebuilding some of the medical infrastructure that has been destroyed in Syria.

You can also visit our FUND RAISE page to find out more about helping us raise money to support our medical projects in Syria.

*Total Giving do not charge to process donations, but the payment providers they use do. If you give by cheque or bank transfer we receive 100% of your donation. If you prefer to give online the payment provider will deduct 1.7% plus 20 pence from your donation before passing it to us. If your payment is the result of a fundraising event like a cake sale or other event, this should be made by cheque or bank transfer. Thanks so much.